Distressed, Grotesque,
& Well-Expressed

By Sarah Foote

October 8, 2017

Comfort and discomfort. On the surface, two polarized feelings, but in Distressed, Grotesque, & Well-Expressed, the two poetically mingled with the contrasting, but complementary aesthetics of Marisa Boyd and Lucas Stiegman. Brought together by curator Sheldon Gooch, Boyd’s biting pieces and performance functioned as visceral responses to the tooth-aching sweetness of Stiegman’s ultra-colorized work. Together, the two expose uncomfortable and personal truths in the warm, intimate setting of an apartment gathering. The domestic locale and Boyd’s performance therein engendered a faint voyeuristic feeling in the viewing of the piecessome tucked in bedrooms and bathrooms, and others encountered almost accidentally while using the kitchen sink. Overall it was a great pleasure to be invited into this space and trusted with the vulnerability exhibited by both artists. Like lipstick left on a collar, Boyd and Stiegman have made their mark on the art community. Distressed, Grotesque, & Well-Expressed will linger in the memory for some time.

Images courtesy of Lucas Stiegman.

Sarah Foote is a Graphic Designer and Artist earning her BFA in design and painting from Illinois State University. In addition to developing Sight Specific’s branding, Sarah has worked as a graphic designer for the Illinois Shakespeare Festival, the Vidette, and the Town of Normal. Now working as a freelance designer, her clients include the Town of Normal, Uptown Normal, The Garlic Press, and Jan Brandt Gallery.